16 Locations That Need Portable Restrooms in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Landscape

When you’re in Colorado Springs, you quickly learn that a lot of life happens outdoors. It’s like nature’s playground—hiking, biking, and just soaking in those stunning mountain views.

But when nature decides to make a more urgent call, well—having convenient facilities nearby can become pretty important.

What Are Portable Restrooms—And Who Rents Them?

A portable restroom, sometimes called a “porta potty“, is a mobile restroom facility that can be easily installed and removed as needed. These standalone units are completely self-contained and designed to provide safe, sanitary conditions in places where permanent bathrooms aren’t available or practical.

Each unit typically includes a toilet, a holding tank for waste, and often hand sanitizers or even handwashing stations to ensure cleanliness.

Portable restroom rental is a service that provides these units for temporary use at various events and sites. Rental companies handle the delivery, setup, and maintenance of the toilets and sink stations, as well as their removal and proper disposal of waste afterward. This service is critical for outdoor events, construction sites, and anywhere else temporary restrooms may be needed.

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Who rents portable toilets? It’s a diverse group—one that includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Event organizers for festivals, concerts, and weddings are big clients. They rely on portable toilets to accommodate large crowds at venues where permanent facilities are insufficient (or nonexistent).
  • Construction companies regularly set up portable toilets on their sites to comply with health regulations and provide comfort to their workers.
  • Portable toilets are essential at sporting events, from little league fields to adult leagues in public parks. Event Coordinators or Operations/Facilities Managers typically handle the rentals to make sure athletes, staff, and spectators have access to necessary facilities.
  • Management of outdoor venues, parks, nature reserves, and large public gardens sometimes rent portable toilets, especially during the high season or special events.
  • Local governments rent them during parades, marathons, street festivals, and other public events in parks or town squares.
  • Even private individuals rent them for family reunions or outdoor parties, especially when the event takes place on a large estate or is hosting a significant number of guests.

Essentially, anyone hosting an event or managing a project where access to regular restroom facilities is limited, might find themselves in need of a portable toilet rental service.

With that out of the way, here are some places in Colorado Springs where a few well-placed portable restrooms can make a day go from just okay to pretty great.

1. Outdoor Wedding Venues

When it comes to tying the knot in Colorado Springs, outdoor wedding venues offer unparalleled beauty against the majestic backdrop of the Front Range. Places like Black Forest and Broadmoor are prime spots for saying “I do” under the big Colorado sky.

Portable restrooms add comfort and convenience for guests, blending with the elegant, rustic settings that many couples choose for their big day. Film trailer-style luxury portable restrooms can add an extra touch of sophistication and comfort to the festivities.

With every detail carefully curated, guests can relax and enjoy the celebration without missing a moment.

2. Festival Sites

Ever been to the Labor Day Lift Off? It’s huge, and so is the crowd. Festivals require ample restroom facilities to accommodate thousands of visitors.

Locations such as Memorial Park and America the Beautiful Park are frequent hosts to these large gatherings, and additional restrooms can ensure a better experience for all attendees.

3. Construction Sites

Drive through Northgate or Briargate, and you’ll see all the building going on. Ongoing development in these areas and along the Powers Corridor—it’s a non-stop whirlwind of development.

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And that means a constant need for portable restrooms that can move with the progress of construction projects. They are essential for keeping construction crews on task and in compliance with health regulations.

So, next time you pass by those cranes and bulldozers, tip your hat to the humble portable restroom—keeping things moving in the Springs, one construction project at a time.

4. Farmers Markets

Weekly markets in Old Colorado City and the Chapel Hills area draw crowds who flock there for the freshest local produce, artisan crafts, and maybe a little mountain-made honey or a handmade quilt. And these crowds—like most—appreciate having clean, accessible restrooms.

This convenience allows visitors to enjoy their time shopping for local produce and crafts. It means they can browse to their heart’s content, indulge in some local goodies, and maybe even stay a little longer to soak in the lively atmosphere.

5. Sporting Events

Whether it’s kids running bases at El Pomar Youth Sports Park or adults kicking a soccer ball at Cottonwood Creek, games mean crowds, and crowds mean restroom lines.

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Whether you’re dreaming of scoring a goal or watching your kid hit a home run, all that cheering and excitement can work up quite the appetite… as well as other needs.

Participants and spectators alike appreciate the availability of portable restrooms that cater to busy game days.

6. Hiking Trailheads

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You’re feeling like a modern-day explorer, ready to conquer the trails—and conquer your Instagram feed with envy-inducing photos.

You head out to Palmer Park or Red Rock Canyon, and you’re standing amidst those jaw-dropping rock formations, inhaling that crisp, invigorating mountain air. Suddenly, nature calls.

That’s right—nothing ruins a vibe like needing a bathroom with none in sight.

A couple of portable units can save the day. Portable restrooms at these locations also help maintain the natural cleanliness of the trails and surrounding areas.

7. Community Events

Westside, Stetson Hills—neighborhoods like these love a good block party. But, well, folks tend to head home early if the only available restroom is back at their own house.

Bring in the portables, and the party can keep rocking, the laughter can keep flowing, and the good times can roll on without anyone missing a beat.

8. Parking Lots for Major Sales Events

When there’s a blowout sale at Chapel Hills Mall or a busy day at a sprawling car dealership on Motor City Drive, having some portable restrooms around can keep potential buyers on-site longer.

This can both enhance customer satisfaction and increase the time visitors spend browsing—and purchasing.

9. Golf Courses

Out playing a round at Patty Jewett, Valley Hi, or even the Broadmoor? How about hitting the links at the Colorado Springs Country Club or trying your hand at Gleneagle or Kissing Camels?

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(Oh, and don’t forget about Eisenhower Golf Club and Silver Spruce Golf Course out at the Air Force Academy… the list goes on.)

We’re blessed to have so many great golf courses here in Colorado Springs. Of course… sometimes the nearest restroom is too darn far from the ninth hole.

Portable restrooms can offer a great solution during tournaments or peak playing times. Pop up a few portables, and golfers can keep their mind on their game.

10. Mountain Biking & ATV Trails

Rugged trails like Captain Jack’s, Falcon Trail, Rampart Range, and Jones Park Loop are popular destinations for off-road activities like mountain biking and ATV riding.

Many off-road trails tend to lack bathroom facilities, and portable restrooms can help keep the natural environment clean and accessible for all adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies.

11. Art & Craft Fairs

Checking out the goods at the Commonwheel Artists Co-op Labor Day Art Festival or similar events? It’s more chill browsing through art when you know there’s a clean restroom close by, so you don’t have to cut your creativity appreciation short.

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By having portable restrooms available on-site—and knowing how many portable toilets you need—event attendees can enjoy the event without worrying about finding restroom facilities elsewhere.

12. Remote Camping Sites

Places like Pike National Forest, Mueller State Park, and Cheyenne Mountain State Park are popular destinations for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a rustic camping experience. Then there’s the natural beauty of Eleven Mile State Park, known for the reservoir and abundant wildlife, and Rampart Reservoir Recreation Area, with quiet camping spots amidst towering pine trees and lakeshores.

But as we all know, campgrounds aren’t exactly known for having the best bathrooms in Colorado Springs. So in these remote areas, where the call of the wild is strong but modern amenities are limited, clean portable restrooms can enhance the camping experience.

This is especially applicable for areas where building permanent structures is just not feasible—making sure campers can enjoy the great outdoors—without having to sacrifice hygiene and comfort.

13. Scenic Lookouts & Picnic Areas

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Enjoying the views along Gold Camp Road or picnicking near Rampart Reservoir is the epitome of a perfect day out in Colorado Springs. But it’s all fun and games until someone needs a bathroom.

A few strategically placed portable sinks and toilets can make sure the day out doesn’t have to end prematurely. Having access to clean, convenient restroom facilities ensures that your outdoor escapade remains uninterrupted and thoroughly enjoyable.

14. Charity Runs & Walks

Events like the annual Waldo Waldo 5K and other charity runs often take place in areas without permanent bathroom facilities available.

And when you’re pounding the pavement for miles on end, the last thing you want to worry about is finding a restroom. Portable toilets and handwash stations can be strategically placed along the routes and start/finish lines for participants and spectators.

15. Large Private Estates for Events

Some of the larger private properties in our area host weddings, family reunions, and corporate retreats. However, with vast grounds and large guest lists, ensuring adequate restroom facilities can be a challenge.

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These estates may need additional toilets and handwashing stations to accommodate large groups, especially if they are spread out over extensive grounds.

By providing clean and convenient facilities, hosts can ensure the comfort and satisfaction of their guests, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the magic of the occasion without any interruptions. So whether it’s a fairy-tale wedding, a heartfelt family gathering, or a productive corporate event, having ample portable restrooms ensures that every moment spent on these magnificent Colorado Springs estates is nothing short of extraordinary.

        16. Film & Photo Shoot Locations

        The landscapes of Garden of the Gods and the streets of Downtown Colorado Springs serve as popular spots for filming and photography. Portable restroom facilities are critical for crew and talent, especially during long shoot days.

        A picture of 16 Locations That Need Portable Restrooms in Colorado Springs with MCS Portable Restrooms

        Having restrooms right where you need them? That’s a wrap on one big problem.

        Of course, portable toilets really do make a difference in many other types of situations.

        They’re important for keeping guests comfortable at busy events, ensuring workers have the facilities they need, and just generally making sure that wherever there are people, there are clean, hygienic restroom options.

        MCS Portable Restrooms

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        Our portable restrooms are meticulously maintained and built to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring you get the most out of your investment without unnecessary premiums. We’re committed to prompt and professional service, delivering exactly what you need, when you need it.

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